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A tool for assessing organizational health and strategic management helps teams and the organization to achieve high effectiveness.


What separates companies that succeed from those that don’t?
Thriving organizations execute on their most important objectives—each employee, each team, and the company itself all accomplishing what they set out to do. Inability to execute is a universal problem that has been defined as one of the greatest challenges of business today.

Research has shown that execution fails when:

  • Workers don't know or understand their organization’s top goals and priorities. Less than half – only 44% of employees know and understand organizational goals.
  • Worker's aren’t engaged with or committed to the goals. Only 19% of employees showed interest and excitement for the organizational goals.
  • Workers don't know how to translate goals into action. Only one fifth of the workers can clearly define the goals of their work, only 9% thinks their work is connected with the goals of the company.
  • Workers spend less than half of the time on activities related to organizational top priorities. The remaining time is spent on URGENT, but not important activities, unnecessary reports, bureaucracy, office politics.
  • People aren't held accountable for the commitments they make. Only 31% of respondents stated they work in trusting environment and „win-win“ atmosphere.


xQ – management tool for improving execution
xQ – is short, web delivered survey – gauges your organization's capability by measuring how sharply employees focus on and execute the organization's top priorities, 
The xQ Service is a tool that helps managers improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing factors aligned with the six principles of execution.



  • Fully anonymous online survey
  • Consists of 27 questions
  • Completing takes about 15 minutes
  • Results are available one day upon survey closure


1. General Organizational/Team Health Assessment
Unlike broad culture audits and attitude surveys, xQ is specifically designed as a management action tool. Each question is defined by a series of standard behaviors that, if identified as being low, can be strengthened to improve the level of execution and, in turn, positively impact results. The xQ Service provides reports at all levels of the organization, enabling different actions to be defined by different units based upon their specific needs.

2. Leadership-Change Baseline
The xQ can satisfy a new leader's desire for an unbiased, anonymous assessment of existing capability, including strengths and areas of improvement. Use of the xQ process engages and unifies a new management team around the most critical factors for realigned success!

3. Implementation-Failure Gap Closure
An unimplemented strategy results in a missed goal! The xQ process provides the means to uncover the reasons for these failures and take corrective actions.

4. Readiness to Embark on/Implement a Significant New Approach
xQ is a predictor of future success. Minimize your risk in setting a critical objective or embarking on a new strategic direction by assessing the capability of your workers' ability to execute beforehand. Make the necessary adjustments that will ensure your success in the future.


  • Gauges the ability of your organization to execute it’s top priorities.
  • Assesses how well each employee understands the most important organizational goals.
  • From the worker's perspective it shows how focused are the employees and how well they execute on the wildly important goals.
  • Rates how well your organization compares to others from the relevant industry.
  • Helps to define effective measures to improve execution capability.

How does it work in practice?
Take a look at our case study: FC Graphic Inline PDF

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